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:: P h o t o A s i a ::

[ф] Lens оп Asia [ф]

:: P h o t o A s i a [ф] L e n s .оп. A s i a ::
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Anybody , Moderated

This is a community for anyone, who has been anywhere in Asia or anyone interested in shooting or documenting about Asia or anything related to the theme ASIA. Whether you're an amateur, a professional or a budding photographer, feel free to post pictures of anything and everything under the sun as long as you fulfill the theme.

Rules & Regulations
1. Do not post imagess without the permission of the owner.
2. Images posted should go with a caption, with the location where it was taken at least.
3. Do not reuse any images from this community and post them out of the community without
   the permission from the owner.
4. Images posted should not be larger than 640×640 pixels. Use lj-cut if your images
   are anything larger.
5. Use lj-cut to keep your posts to an appropriate length.
6. If you're posting a link to a page, be sure to attach a sample with your post so we know
   what to expect at your page.
7. Do not disable comments.